Permitted Weapons

All weapons found within the Player’s Handbook are present and unchanged, with one exception:


Instead of inflicting 1d6 Piercing, an 8th World Trident inflicts 1d8 Piercing damage; has the Versatile feature (1d10 if used in both hands); and a Thrown feature of 20 feet (disadvantaged maximum range of 60 feet.).

Permitted PC Races

Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Half-Elves, and Humans are all playable races on the 8th World.

Dragonborn, Halflings, Half-Orcs, and Tieflings don’t exist.

8th World Core Assumptions

Gods Oversee the World.
The gods are very much a reality upon the 8th World.
They occasionally manifest themselves upon the material plane to command one of their followers partake in a journey or quest.
The gods of the 8th World are a loose pantheon. It is thus possible to worship only one deity, a select number, or even all of them.
Atheism is also possible on the 8th World, although it is less a case of denying the existence of the gods and more a matter of simply not worshiping them.

Much of the World is Untamed.
For the past 3,000 years, known civilization has been limited entirely to the continent of Archaon.
Aside from a handful of records written and translated by the long-dead Ki-Tho the Bard, almost nothing is known about the continent of Neon (and what is known is most likely three thousand years out of date).

The World is Ancient
With their history stretching back only 7,000 years, Humanity is a relative newcomer.
Furthermore, there are many races whose collective history goes back even further, to a time before the Elves entered the world from the Feywild.

Conflict Shapes the World’s History
This is fantasy people. It wouldn’t feel right if the 8th World wasn’t shaped around conflict.

The World is Magical.
Magic has long been a dominant force upon the 8th World.
Practitioners of magic may be few in number, but they do exist and exert a tremendous influence.

The 8th World

I’ve been thinking long and hard about this post. Well, series of posts really, since I want to try my hand at creating a D&D fantasy world of my own.

The central theme of this world will be the exploration of a continent previously unreachable, with the end goal being to establish a colony.

Here goes . . .

There are two continents on the 8th World. They are known as Archaon and Neon, respectively.

Archaon is home to all of the known civilizations of the 8th World, not to mention a host of fantastical creatures.

Neon however, is a complete mystery. The continent is completely surrounded by a perpetual storm that rages both in the sky above, and in the ocean below. While the storm may weaken enough occasionally for Archaon-based sailors to catch a glimpse of the second continent, there has never been a single successful attempt to penetrate the storm in over three thousand years.

Until now.

three weeks ago, a portal spontaneously formed within territory controlled by a powerful nobleman named Lord Buri.
Realizing the opportunity this portal presented to him, Lord Buri had the portal stabilized through powerful magic, and has since invited a host of different political and social factions to help him explore and colonize the uncharted and previously unreachable continent of Neon.

Your group has been selected to be the advance scouts, to cross through the portal, map out the continent on the other side, gather intelligence on what forms of life (if any) exist upon it, and determine the best spot for the construction of a first settlement . . .


Here they are folks, my first two homebrew monsters for D&D 5e: the Goblin and the Goblin boss.

My inspiration for these two guys were the goblins from the Artemis Fowl series, where the little freaks were scientifically established as being stupider than pretty much every other form of life, but at the same time were somehow able to create and throw balls of fire from their hands . . . which in-series was regarded as Evolution’s idea of a practical joke.

Perhaps it could be even be made into a little in-game mystery: why are these goblins able to innately conjure fire? A pact with a demon? Maybe a collective atavism back to a time before the species was driven out of the Feywild?
Small Humanoid (Goblinoid), Chaotic Neutral
Proficiency Bonus: +2
Armor Class: 13 (Hide Armor)
Hit Points: 7 (2d6)
Speed: 30 ft., Climb 15 ft.
STR – 10 (0), DEX – 12 (+1), CON – 10 (0), INT – 8 (-1), WIS – 7 (-2), CHA – 12 (+1)
Skills: Intimidate +5, Stealth +3, passive Stealth 13
Senses: Dark-vision 60 ft., passive Perception 8
Languages: Common, Goblin
Challenge: 1/8 (25 XP)
Fearsome Appearance: The Goblin doubles his proficiency bonus on Intimidation skill checks.
Fire Affinity: The Goblin adds his Charisma modifier to the damage of his Hurl Flame attack
Dagger. Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target.
Hit: 3 (1d4 + 1) Piercing damage

Hurl Flame. Ranged Spell Attack: +3 to hit, range 40 ft., one target.
Hit: 3 (1d4 + 1) Fire damage.
Hide Armor. Armor Class: 12 + Dex Modifier (max +2), Medium Armor
10 GP
Small Humanoid (Goblinoid), Chaotic Neutral
Proficiency Bonus: +2
Armor Class: 17 (Half Plate)
Hit Points: 22 (5d6 + 5)
Speed: 30 ft., Climb 15 ft.
STR – 10 (0), DEX – 14 (+2), CON – 12 (+1), INT – 8 (-1), WIS – 7 (-2), CHA – 14 (+2)
Skills: Intimidate +6, Stealth +4, passive Stealth 14
Senses: Dark-vision 60 ft., passive Perception 8
Languages: Common, Goblin
Challenge: 1 (200 XP)
Fearsome Appearance: The Goblin doubles his proficiency bonus on Intimidation skill checks.
Fire Affinity: The Goblin adds his Charisma modifier to the damage of his Hurl Flame attack
Multiattack: The Goblin makes two attacks per round.

Scimitar. Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target.
Hit: 5 (1d6 + 2) Slashing damage

Hurl Flame. Ranged Spell Attack: +4 to hit, range 40 ft., one target.
Hit: 5 (1d6 + 2) Fire damage
Half Plate. Armor Class: 15 + Dex mod. (max +2), Medium Armor. Disadvantage on Stealth checks
40 GP

Random Thoughts, Batman v. Superman

An amazing film. One which clearly points out that when two heroes come into conflict with each other, it is a distraction from what really matters.

Evil is Bombastic, corrupting the hearts of Men with its manic words.
Good is Understated, and is achieved through One’s actions.

Throughout the film, whenever those who verbally abuse Superman do so, they are loud and their words are filled with Hate.
But on the few occasions where Superman gives his answer, it is filled with conviction.

In one scene, politicians question if Superman can be trusted, yet in the very next scene, Kal-El is rescuing people from floods and burning buildings.

Superman upholds his principles, while Batman succumbs to his own Paranoia.
But just as he is about to kill the Man of Steel with a Kryptonite spear, Batman is awakened from his bloodlust when Superman says that he has to save Martha Kent, with Lois explaining that Mrs. Kent is Superman’s adopted mother.
Martha, the same as Bruce Wayne’s mother.

In another scene, a group of xenophobic protestors shout and scream that the Earth isn’t Superman’s world.
Yet when the battle against Doomsday has turned to the abomination’s favor, Superman tells Lois in a quiet but sad voice that he has to protect his world. Earth.

Batman is nihilistic, believing himself a vigilante in a city devoid of anything worth saving, but after Superman’s defeat of Doomsday, Batman remarks that Mankind is good. Flawed, but still good, and that together with Wonder Woman, individuals with powers and abilities greater than Mortal Men shall be gathered together to fight the coming darkness.

And now to the most important part.
In the possible future where Superman is a tyrant, the Last Son of Krypton’s costume is clean and spotless, the S-Shield whole, and he has not a speck of blood upon him.
In the corrected Present? Superman kills Doomsday with the Kryptonite spear, but is impaled upon Doomsday’s arm-spike. His costume is damaged, his S-Shield torn open on one side, his skin broken and his blood exposed.

By this sacrifice, Superman prevents one possible future and proves to the world that he was not its Selfish Oppressor, but rather its Selfless Champion all along.

He has given the people of Earth an Ideal to strive towards, and they now race behind him, to one day join him in the Sun.

Random Thoughts, The Flash, King Shark

Awesome CGI last night, not just in the final showdown, but in the whole presentation of a 20-foot tall shark-man.

I suspect the next few episodes will feature Jesse interacting with the team and exploring Earth-1 in greater detail, but for now it was good enough to see just how much nicer Harry is to everyone now that his daughter is safe from Zoom.

I suspect the team will figure out how to return to Earth-2 as a result of Cisco perfecting his E-2 version’s goggles, since they made a point of showing Cisco fiddling with them.

So Zoom looks like Jay Garrick.

Emphasis on looks like, as I simply cannot believe that the producers would turn Jay Garrick into a villain.  He’s the Golden Age Flash for crying out loud.

I think that the Man in the Mask is the real Earth-2 Flash Jay Garrick.

Once again, the best part of the Flash is the relationship between Barry and Joe, and their interactions with each other, with the added bonus of Iris being present for it, and then later for Joe to explain a few things to Wally.

Of course Barry would be devastated to witness the death of E-2 Joe West.  On Earth-1, he was raised by the man, and I would think it would be almost impossible to have a real handle on the situation.

As Joe tells Wally later on, Barry is an example of an Adoption that went right, when everything could have easily gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Barry was basically visiting a house that looked exactly like his own, and watched someone who had been his Adopted Father in another life be murdered by two of Barry’s best friends, and then Barry came back to his real home, where Joe was still alive and Caitlin isn’t a murderer.

Probably their best episode yet, I’d say.



Captain America: Civil War

Apparently, the filmmakers have said that the third Captain America movie will have a controversial ending, and that Gwyneth Paltrow will also be in the film.

Given some of her statements in the past, doesn’t the fact that Gwyneth Paltrow will be in the film make it somewhat controversial already?

Random Thoughts, Star Wars Rebels

My sister has been downloading Star Wars Rebels episodes to her iPad, and letting me watch them.  I have really been enjoying it.  A lot.

First off, a little explaining needs to happen.  There are six main heroes:

  1. Kanan is the Jedi Knight character, although he is less Obi-Wan/Luke Skywalker and more of a Cowboy Samurai (He survived Order 66, but isn’t a fully trained Jedi and has no problem using a Blaster).
  2. Hera is the Pilot of the Ghost, which serves as the six heroes’ Millennium Falcon.
  3. C1-10P (or “Chopper”) is the resident R2-D2 character, although if R2 were a loyal dog, Chopper would be a borderline psychotic cat.
  4. Zeb is the Chewbacca of the group, although his species are called Lasat and can speak English/Basic as good as anyone.
  5. Sabine is sort of like Boba Fett . . . if Boba was a teenage girl on the side of the angels, with a fascination for aerosol-paint and technicolor explosions.
  6. Ezra is the Jedi Apprentice character, as he is being taught the ways of the Force by Kanan.

In their struggles against the Empire, these six heroes most commonly face off against bad guys Agent Kallus (representing the Empire’s Military), and the Inquisitors (who are the Empire’s Secret Police).

Anyway, after watching Season 1, my sister purchased Season 2, and I’ve noticed something about the latest group of episodes:

  1. Future of the Force dealt with the Inquisitors, specifically their function within the empire to locate and kidnap Force-sensitive children, with the intention of raising them to become the next generation of Inquisitors, and by extension Dark-Side cultists loyal to the Emperor.
  2. Legacy was about Ezra’s backstory, particularly finding out what happened to his parents.
  3. A Princess on Lothal dealt with Ezra coming to terms with that knowledge.
  4. The Protector of Concord Dawn focused on Sabine’s standing within Mandalorian society.
  5. Legends of the Lasat focused on Zeb and his role within an ancient Lasat prophecy.
  6. Homecoming dealt with the relationship between Hera and her estranged father.

There are six episodes left in the season, and I suspect that, what with so many episodes already dealing with the backstories of the Inquisitors, Ezra, Sabine, Zeb and Hera, that we will also get a few more, dealing with Kanan, Agent Kallus, and Chopper.

On to the second observation.

Because Star Wars Rebels is set 5-4 years before A New Hope, the Rebellion is not yet solidified, and instead consists of individual cells, each one operating out of a different region of the galaxy.

In A New Hope, the rebellion uses X-Wing and Y-Wing Starfighters, while in Return of the Jedi the rebellion uses A-Wing and B-Wing Starfighters in addition to X and Y-wings.

In Rebels, the cell which the six heroes belong to uses A-wings instead of X-Wings.

Which makes sense to me, as in Return of the Jedi, it was stated by Darth Vader that there were reports of the Rebellion amassing a fleet in the Sullust system.  A fleet implied to consist of a number of different Rebel organizations coming together.

Welcome to Earth-2, AKA, stuff I thought was cool

That big gold mural-thing at the police station on the Silver-Age influenced Earth-1 . . . looks to be made of silver on the Golden-Age influenced Earth-2.  Ironic.

Danielle Panabaker may not be a very good actress, but she’s still pretty fun to watch play Killer Frost.  Terrible dialogue and all.

He might be evil, but Earth-2 Cisco/Reverb is just as much of a geek as the Earth-1 version.

I wonder if Cisco will plunder E-2 Cisco/Reverb’s blue-glowing glasses, as his own green-glowing pair don’t seem to work on Earth-2?

E-2 Barry seems to resemble what Clark Kent would be if he weren’t Superman; as if Superman’s facade of being a Mild-Mannered and Timid personality were actually what he was.

Barry talking to his counterpart’s mom on the phone was very touching.  I lost my grandma a few weeks ago, and I would have dearly loved to talk with her on the phone one more time.

Zoom has captured Barry!

Barry meets Jesse!

Who was the dude in the Iron Mask, tapping what was probably morse code to wake up Barry?

Looks like E-2 Iris, E-2 Barry, Killer Frost, Harry, and Cisco will assemble together to rescue Barry and Jesse from the clutches of Zoom.

Other Earth’s confirmed!  Looks like the Flash will be crossing over to Supergirl’s tv show in the future.


Zoom is obsessed with siphoning off the Speed Force from other people.

Wally West has been shown to be fascinated with “Going Faster”.

Is it possible Zoom is the Earth-2 Wally West?


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